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keep calm and sign the cross

Orthodox wisdom :)

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Orthodoxy is what Christ taught, the apostles preached, and the Fathers kept. St. Athansius

The heart of prayer. And the most important pin on this board.

The Jesus Prayer

"The shape of true love isn't a diamond, it's a cross." - Alicia Bruxvoort || Click to read the rest of today's P31 daily devotion ---> http://proverbs31.org/devotions/?p=3705

Yes, C.S Lewis wasn't Orthodox, but he was very orthodox.

"Fire and water do not mix. Neither can you mix judgment of others with the desire to repent." - Saint John Climacus

Not only Iraq but all those being persecuted!

Orthodox Christianity

That's why I'm #Orthodox

St. Alphonsus Ligouri

the power of prayer

think about it...

"True fasting lies in rejecting evil, holding one's tongue, suppressing one's hatred, and banishing one's lust, evil words, lying and betrayal of vows." - Saint Basil the Great

if you only pray when you're in trouble...

Come, Holy Spirit!

This is Laminin. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this molecule, Laminin is the protein that holds human beings together. Do you notice its shape? Isn't it amazing that God would think so far in the future, and make the very thing that makes us think of Jesus, make up and play a crucial role in how we are formed? God formed you to not only live as an image of Christ, but to never escape the fact that you are HIS! We are branded by the Cross! "He is before all things, and in him all t...

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