Jelly bracelets to go with my Jelly shoes! I liked the glitter ones the best, and I do believe there were times when I rocked these with fingerless lace Madonna gloves. Yes I was a slave to fashion hahah!

lol, just for fun...

Jellies...more painful fashion

I use to get my feet so dirty and I could just clean off my shoes with the water hose....ahh the memories!

Water/glitter bracelets

Charm Bracelets

OMG I loved these!

We totally had this! Fisher Price Little People Garage.

Blowing Plastic Bubbles...oh man the

Purchased at Trader's World

Neon bracelets

Vintage 80s Rubber Jelly Bracelets. I guess they had to match the shoes!

Yup! Had these all the time!!! these were so cool!

ID Bracelet

Jelly Shoes

We called them Jelly Bracelets. Gotta love the 80's!