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living with Pain, hoping for Hope I am glad that I exist against all the odds. I am glad that you are with me, reaching to my heart through the pain that I am trying to express in this chain of words.

Salvador Dali

eggs sunshine

Painting by Leo Stevenson in style of Rene Magritte surrealist painting

Salvador Dali Madonna, 1943

"The Sandman" by Salvador Dali.

salvador dali


SALVADOR DALI by Salvador Dali le plus délicat des parfums... ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas sentis cette douceur au creux de mon cou...

Salvador Dali Christ, St John of the Cross 1951...a strange artist who seems to have lost his balance at times...

Salvador Dalí: Adolescence, 1941.

Cave to Canvas, The Burning Giraffe - Dali, 1937. This is one of my favorite Salvador Dali pieces

Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dali painting

Salvador Dali - Salvador Dali Les Elephants

Venus and Sailor - Salvador Dali #dali #paintings #art


Salvador Dali

It Is Love by Salvador Dali

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