Shirley Valentine. 1989 Main filming location: the resort of Agios Ioannis on Mykonos.

Field of Dreams

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Poster

Holes - love this film and the book! Was great doing work on it in school!

Heathers - 1989.

Kaiser soze

The Shawshank Redemption - Description: "Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency."

Out of Africa

Catch Me if you Can: Leo stars in movie based on Frank W. Abagnale's 1980 true crime best seller.


The end of this movie when the old man walks in to recieve his award makes me happy cry everytime!

August Rush (2007) A drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents. Director: Kirsten Sheridan Writers: Nick Castle (screenplay), James V. Hart (screenplay) Stars: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

its a wonderful life - Clarence angel without his wings.

The Lost Boys

Jessica Chastain (as Celia Foote) along with Octavia Spencer (Minny) in "The Help"

Life is Beautiful, 1997

Feel good movie of all time. Annie!

I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

House of Cards