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  • Reynaldo "ZAPP" Maldonado

    Original And Ironic Furniture Pieces By Studio Voigt Dietrich

  • Moira Mackay

    This little item, aptly called Buchtisch (German for Book Table), by Germany based design firm Studio Voigt Dietrich is a lovely companion to a reading chair. Small in size, it can fit in any space, even a tiny one. The unusual shape of the piece allows you to use it as a side table, book storage and also a bookmark. It will hold your teacup as well as your curent page

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アリス / Alice in Wonderland, 2009 © アンゲロイド / Angeroido via, Japan. Manga. In the room flooded by the pool of tears, Alice stands atop a precarious stack of books aboard a tiny rowboat manned by the White Rabbit in order to peer out the window. She has yet to shrink small enough to go out the tiny garden door - pfb :-) ... Give credit where due. Help an artist get established (It ain't that easy!) Pin/Link directly to the artist's website.

Floating Away © Lucy CAMPBELL (Artist). Orders accepted via her website. Yeah, artists need to eat too ... [Do not remove this caption. The law requires you to credit the artist.] COPYRIGHT LAW: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image: COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Respect people, Respect copyright.

Starry Sky Library, 2010 © ai suijyo, Japan via his/her site akasioukan.kitune... Infinite reading possibilities! - pfb ... Respect people, respect copyright. The law requires that you credit the artist. List/Link directly to artist's website. HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image: COPYRIGHT LAW REQUIREMENTS: The Golden Rule:

Postcard BE-20618 © Katja WEHNER (Artist, Germany) from glashelder (Scanner. Brugge, Belgium) via Flickr. Book characters escape for a little adventure of their own while their reader naps -pfb :-) ... Don't pin the art & erase the artist. Give credit where due. Artists have to eat too. See:

Into the Book World, Sept 2012 © モッフリ aka Moffs (Artist) via 本は、どこか別の世界への ふしぎなとびら。[translation: This is a strange door to another world somewhere.] ... [Do not remove this caption. The law requires the copyright holder be credited. Link directly to artist's site.] ... COPYRIGHT LAW: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image:

22 aug 13 [on the deck of the Jules Verne Room, Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon]

22 aug 13 [Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, #Oregon. There are no tv's, radios, or telephones in the rooms and no wi-fi. Guest rooms pay homage to Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald among others]