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Please Stop Laughing at Me (Memoir). A book about bullying before it was a hot topic.

people will quickly criticize someone else based on their physical attributions, but won't take the time to get to know someone. everyone is quick to point fingers but NOBODY IS PERFECT (that is a fact!), we all have flaws. embrace them, do not allow someone else's opinion to lower your confidence. embrace your flaws and love yourself whole heartedly ❤

If you are against bullying repin if you have even been bullied like this post and maybe we can share words of hope because you arent alone! And to those who have never been bullied as Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world"!

Nobody ever ever deserves to feel like this, it is the worst feeling in the world, sticks and stones break our bones but words scar our hearts,

Bully...Don't be one and don't allow bullying to take place in your presence.

Stop all the hate!!!!!!!! Me and my friends were laughed at because we could not do a good push-up!!!! A bunch of people who weren't even laughing got in trouble. It all happened because stupid bullies were laughing!!!! If you are against bullying repost now!!!!!

Stop Bullying! There's no excuse. If you see it happening, don't just walk the other way. If you do, you're a contributor!

People can be so cruel to ones who choose to be different. :( - my entire life in this one pictures -SH

Bullied to death committed suicide this is just not ok

stop bullying quotes | kb jpeg bullying awareness month quotes and thoughts about bullying ...