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The oldest Pyramid on the Planet Earth?? GUNUNG PADANG!! (Indonesia) A man-made structure lies buried under Mt. Padang in Cianjur, West Java.They found & accurately confirmed the existence of large & small chambers,walls, gates & staircases buried deep beneath the often-visited, open-air ruins. A large chamber is buried at least up to 15 metres from the surface. 50 km SW of Cianjur- 6 km toLampegan.20,000years old or beyond. WHY SO MANY PYRAMIDS?? WHAT DO WE KNOW?? (Good question…

the Bosnian Pyramid (excavation now into 8 yrs) which extends over six square kilometers of the river basin Visoko, 40 km north west of Sarajevo. Consisting of four ancient pyramids almost three times bigger than Giza, and a vast complex of underground tunnels located under the pyramid. The colossal central pyramid of the Sun is very high 420 yards (Cheops is 'only' 146m) making the Bosnian pyramids of the largest and oldest known pyramids on the planet (estmtd 35,000). Dr. Osmanagich

Nibiru. The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, today we call it Planet X) that entered the solar system very specifically in one of their drawings, and told how it would leave fairly quickly after it had come. In passing, it can have drastic effects on the Earth and other planets in the solar system. Annunaki. These ancient Sumerian texts also depict a race called the Annunaki (Anunaki), a race of beings that live on Nibiru, Planet X.

"The significance is that you can find pyramids all over the world on each continent. The question is when and who did build those pyramids? Why many of those pyramids all over the world are looking very, very similar? Another question is did there really exist a global civilisation? I think many of our researches are really telling us that once upon a long time, a global civilisation existed, but how many thousands of years ago we don't know." Klaus Dona