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  • Jazlyn Pfeffer

    How To Make Healthy Dehydrated #organic health #healthy eating|

  • Melissa Brown

    My kids love Healthy Dehydrated Fruit Snacks. They are easy to make and the perfect quick healthy snack for kids. You can buy dried fruit in the store, but my kids prefer our dehydrator snacks. My favorite part it that I know exactly what the kids are eating, I don't have to read any labels.

  • Sharman H

    How to make Healthy Dehydrated Fruit........ more (101 Dehydrated Foods) in comments. .

  • BJ Myers

    how to make healthy dehydrated fruit & beautiful canning jar displays

  • Amélie Sharp

    How To Make Healthy Dehydrated Fruit | Travel Snacks

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For those of us who have given into the temptation and purchased our very own dehydrator (and trust us, it's worth it), it can be a little hard to branch out of just making dried fruit. And we understand why -- after all, dried fruit is packed with flavor, fun to snack on, and conveniently non-perishable.

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