Magic jelly beans grow a surprise.

Lots of great ways to use #jellybeans for elementary #math learning with free #download from Laura Kelly

Easter tradition...your kids plant jelly beans, and when they wake up in the morning, lollipops have "grown" where the jelly beans were planted. Such a cute idea!

Free Jellybean Graphing pages from First Grade Garden

Cute Easter Tradition - Magic Jelly Beans Turn Into A Lollipop Garden!

Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!

Fun Easter tradition! The Easter bunny leaves a trail from your Child's bedroom, to where their Easter basket it (in this case, the living room)! So fun for them to wake up and follow the trail. :)

fun with jellybeans and other Easter activities from 2 Teaching Mommies

I must remember this at Easter. To color the whites (after eggs have been boiled and yolks removed): Fill glass containers about half-full of water, and then add food coloring to each one to get the shades you desire. Adjust the amount of food coloring, depending on the intensity of the color you desire. Place the egg halves in the water, making sure that the entire surface of each egg is covered. Let the eggs sit at least one hour until you achieve the desired effect. Remove the eggs from ....

Engineering for Kids | Building with Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean Prayer

Growing a Jelly Bean Garden - a fun tradition to plant jelly beans the night before Easter and lollipops grow overnight!

Jelly bean poem. good idea for Easter crafts at church

Hostess with the Mostess® - Vintage Alice in Wonderland Part 2

jelly bean to make & eat.

I love the color of the orange jelly beans. If only I could get Gabriel to agree to it. Well, he hasn't disagreed to it yet...

Grow Magic Jelly Beans!

peep and jellybean centerpiece

rubber band easter eggs

Jelly Bean Math from Lakeshore Learning: Children use brightly colored jelly beans to practice sorting, graphing and estimating!

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