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Handmade Kids Artfrom Handmade Kids Art

10 Tips for a Rockstar Science Fair Board

Good Science Fair Projects

Plate Tectonics and How mountains are made.... great fun and edible lesson!


WInter Science Experiments for Kids

Winter Science Experiments for kids. By Sugar Aunts

Love science-y projects!

Housing a Forestfrom Housing a Forest

Floating Rice Bottle

Floating Rice Bottles ~ simple science experiment that your kids will love.

TinkerLabfrom TinkerLab

Science Projects for Kids

yeast and sugar experiment

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

The "Why do we need sunscreen?" Experiment

Why do we need sunscreen? (experiment)...would need to add some other things to make it a full display but this is interesting

Creekside Learningfrom Creekside Learning

Hands-On Science

Lots of science experiments you can do with your kids, from preschool to elementary school. from Creekside Learning

A great idea they had -I thought of my sister, the school teacher. I might have to try it myself. Original pinned said, ....."first science project in kindergarden was this one, but with carnations. Brings back so many memories :) " Split a rib of napa cabbage and stick in dyed water. Food experiments help teach kids how their food grows and fuels them! Gardens grow healthy kids!

The Science Penguinfrom The Science Penguin

NEW: Science Notebooking Videos

Science Notebooking Video 1. Lunar Cycle 2. Rock Layers 3. Energy Cards 4. Volcano Facts 5. Sunflower 6. Vocab Lenses 7. Erosion Causes 8. Photosynthesis 9. Gravity

Grade 1- Earth and Space Science- Daily and seasonal changes- Have the students work through this with the teacher. Have them brainstorm words and ideas that go with each season. If the classroom is having daily weather updates have the students predict the next season

What part of the plant do we eat? fold & learn great science activity to teach with the book: Tops & Bottoms