Corrosiveness of Soda Science experiment

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The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids!

A great science experiment for kids that are interested in space! #science_fair_ideas #outer_space_activities

4th grade

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15 At-Home Science Experiments. Your weekends are guaranteed to be both educational and tons of fun with these awesome at-home science experiments! Enjoy ooey gooey slime, sweet rock candy, turning carnations the colours of the rainbow, and many more cool projects all in the name of science.

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SCIENCE FUN~ Seesaw Science: The Hammer-Ruler Trick is from Scientific American. They have several science-related activities that are fun for children. Adults will find easy-to-follow instructions and simple materials lists, as well as additional background to help them explain the key scientific concepts. Great resource!

Plate Tectonics and How mountains are made.... great fun and edible lesson!

glow stick experiment for science affects of cold vs. hot

More science fair projects!!!

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Valentine Candy Science: Dissolving Hearts Experiment {with Printable}

Animated butterfly life cycle video

Science Fair Project Ideas. I'm gonna need these some day

Melting Ice Science Experiment

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Science Experiments Spangler background, video, and science fair suggestions!