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Hetalia - England / Sealand <<< aw big and little brother. or is arthur more of a father? hm... i'll have to check the official stuff for that...

9GAGfrom 9GAG

The advantage wisdom that comes from "older" age

Being the older sibling of my siblings, I can say this is true. XD ^same though😂😂

The Hivefrom The Hive

January 2010: Krista Smith spotlights the Hemsworth Brothers

The Hemsworth Brothers... Australia, you did good! And yes, as an Aussie girl, I'm a little biased.

I've always loved that about Sam. He likes being the younger brother and making Dean feel big and needed. --> that is so sweet and true. I also love how even though Dean is shorter he still pulls Sam down into his hugs, because Sammy is still his little brother. :') ---- All of this. Because Sam needs Dean to know that he does need him and he loves his big brother and how he has always taken care of him. <3

The Dodofrom The Dodo

Dog Knows Exactly How To Ease His Adopted Siblings' Anxieties

This cat loves her puppy brothers. The perfect little family!

He doesn't care about himself, only Sammy. He has to protect his little brother, no matter what.

1x11 Scarecrow - Two enormous beds and this is how they sleep. - of course, it's to frame them in the shot, but still..

Itachi Uciha & Sasuke Uchiha. Awww... Sasuke's such a sweet little brother and Itachi is always adorable~ :3