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*1. E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive: GET THIS. Seriously, it is amazing. It glues all kinds of things together but is not too difficult to use. Although you might have to cut your tube open at some point - it's difficult to keep the top from clogging. I use this a lot for gluing metal or plastic or small wood pieces. If you want to make jewelry, this is your best friend. Once dry, the bond can be broken but believe me - it's not easy. 2. Aleene's Original Tacky Glue: Lots of people like this…


Why Your Summer Dreams Should Inspire Fall Designs

We Need This Now! Forget buying expensive garden furniture - it's all about upcycling an old trampoline.

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Beautiful Cracked Log Lamps Made From Imperfect Salvaged Wood That Can Also Be Used as Furniture

When Grant visits Jefferson in the dayroom, accompanied by Tante Lou, Reverend Ambrose, and Miss Emma, he tells Jefferson that he must become a better man, and compares the process of self-improvement to that of polishing a rough piece of wood.

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Mod Podge formulas - learn what the finishes look like

Are you curious what the Mod Podge formulas look like when they are dry? Click through for this handy dandy guide!