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  • Christina Acosta

    Diy Projects: 14 Useful Closet Organizing Tips

  • Becky DiPietro

    50 awesome ways to organize random things in your house - Great ideas! Lots of ideas rolled into one website.

  • JZ

    Good idea + 50 ways to organize random things in your house

  • Willow Fritsch

    Hang boots with pants hangers. find 52 cool home organizing ideas #home interior #interior design #home designs #modern house design|

  • Robyn Arrington

    such a great idea if you have closet space or a shower rod somewhere in the room

  • Kristin Graziano

    Boots storage, wonderful....i might just put a piece of cloth in between the hanger clips.............50 awesome ways to organize random things in your house

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So obvious and yet i had to look it up. :) How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots. Finally getting them flat and not giving you fat ankles.

Cut off bottom section of the hanger & twirl out the tips for a flip flop or flats hanger!!

Hang your boots on pants hangers from Target. Much cheaper than buying the Container Store boot hangers.

Hang boots from pant hangers to keep them straight.

Hang boots in the closet

this is a super great idea to organize flip flops in my closet, just with a wire coat hanger and a little creativity.

A well organized linen! (and there are so many other great organizational ideas on this site)

I am going to my closet right now and doing this!!....

This is genius! I already put holiday cards and napkins, etc. Into a gift bag associated with the past events celebration, but the bags, until now, have been set upright on top shelves of closets. THIS idea would also allow quick access to holiday supplies for gift giving, not just hold memories. Plus, it would put items within reach!