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  • Yena Kang

    Patrick Dempsey Woooo~looking fab in white jacket

  • Whitney Blair

    McDreamy. Okay, people, seriously. No one is as in love with McDreamy/Dr.Shepherd/Patrick Dempsey as I am. He is my main man. Old enough to be my father (so is Matthew Fox- good lord that man) but its all okay. He's just too beautiful, if I got to be Ellen Pompeo on Grey's for just a day I would be blissfully happy and die a lucky and happy woman. I LOVE YOU PATRICK

  • Mariluz AV

    #McDreamy #PatrickDempsey | Style

  • Chelsey Riordan

    Patrick Dempsey.. I mean McDreamy :)

  • Kelly Miranda

    Patrick Dempsey.... Eye candy!!

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Patrick Dempsey, I huess It's because of Grey's Anatomy's syndrome :P

Patrick Dempsy, Derek Shepherd #McDreamy

If this man walked by me, I'd faint, prob smack my face, wake up, see his face, and pass out again!

Google Image Result for McDreeeeeeeeamy!!!

I've lusted after this man since he was a boy in "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Loverboy"!! Nummy

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. This is the Patrick Dempsey I fell in love with! Who knew he'd become so amazingly McYummy!

Cannot love this picture enough! It's McDreamy!!... and Patrick Dempsey is pretty nice as well!

yea i wouldnt complain if hubby looked like Dr. McDreamy :)