What if Google Maps went live... was recorded using six cameras attached to fishing rods on the former Philips industrial site Strijp S in Eindhoven during flux/S SQUARE ONE, the Prelude September 3-4, 2011

1895 German map of docks

Aram Bartholl, ‘Map’ (public installation), at Rencontre Arles “From Here On”, 2011

mahabis everyday adventures // this 1657 map of osaka looks like a blueprint for a multi-storey building

Atlas for The Blind 1837 The Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind was published in 1837 for children at the New England Institute for the Education of the Blind in Boston. Without a drop of ink in the book, the text and maps in this extraordinary atlas were embossed heavy paper with letters, lines, and symbols.

A Burmese map of the world, showing traces of Medieval European map-making. (1906) #mapping #visualisation

Aram Bartholl, 2010: ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‘Dead Drops’ is open to participation. If you want to install a dead drop in your city/

Map of Midtown Manhattan, from 34th Street to 59th Street and from 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue. 1890

Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

The tweeting Europe

Alice In Wonderland Transit Map

3D Face Masks Created by artist Heather Dewey from DNA Found in Public Spaces - My Modern Metropolis. Good art, bad science? You can't actually get this level of detail from DNA analysis

Ingress - It's time to Move. REal time location game for android

It aims to summarise quantitative data (both officially provided and crowd-sourced) for the major UK cities, in a single screen. Point data is also shown in an alternate map view.

Bernard Hopfengartner, Hello World.

Chris Dercon introduces BMW Tate Live Performance Room

Old Technology...This fantastic contraption, called the ‘Routefinder’, showed 1920s drivers in the UK the roads they were travelling down, gave them the mileage covered and told them to stop when they came at journey’s end. The technology – a curious cross between the space age and the stone age – consisted of a little map scroll inside a watch, to be ‘scrolled’ (hence the word) as the driver moved along on the map. A multitude of scrolls could be fitted in the watch to suit the particula...

Using QR codes on rooftops as extra advertising space on Google Maps or Google Earth }-> repinned by www.BlickeDeeler.de

How to build a fake Google Street View car,urban intervention by artist group F.A.T. Lab, February 2010 by Aram Bartholl, James Powderly, Evan Roth, Randy Sarafan, Geraldine Juarez, Greg Leuch, Jamie Wilkinson, Magnuss Eriksson, Tobias Leingrube

Google Maps hack transforms space into a jungle

Street Ghosts project - Google Street View made Street Art and Public Concern With a new project called Street Ghosts, net-artist Paolo Cirio is reversing that process. The Italian artist prints images of people he finds in Street View, then visits the precise spot they were captured by the Street View car. Using wheat paste, he glues their life-sized likenesses to where they appear on Google Maps, creating an ephemeral feedback loop between the on- and offline world.