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    Clear as day...

    The funniest first date story ever told.

    How to make love. For lack of a better place, I put this in my humor board, but really, it belongs in a life lesson, common sense, awesome father board

    Yep, you look stupid.

    Bwahaha Passive agressive. Makes complete sense.


    Isn't it kind of amazing?

    She speaks for many mothers of girls

    All. The. Time.

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.''

    True Story...and why teachers don't have time to help them all MASTER EVERY BLESSED SKILL! AAGGGHH!!!

    This literally made me squeal with happiness and clap my hands like a retarded seal.

    I bet it's hard to love all of peopel all the time



    Lol all the time


    Favorite thing I've read today.

    What our single/ childless friends "might" be thinking.....