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Glowing Eyes: Save finished toilet paper rolls, cut eyes into them. Put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls. Place the rolls into your hedge, trees or bushes at night. Watch people freak out as they pass your lawn.

Craft -- Halloween -- Witch skirt... unbelievable awesome Halloween tutu for grown-ups!- do it in pink be glenda the good witch

Now that you have decorated your beloved 'haunted house' on the outside for all those little ghosts and goblins comin a trick r' treatin', it's time to come on inside and set the mood there too. So, push open that creaky door, step inside, and mind the cobwebs, dearie. We wouldn't want you to be too spooked by these Halloween decorations!

Freeze water in a surgical hand glove to make a creepy ice cube for the punch at Halloween party.

Mini Ghost Pop.....pretzels, white candy melts and mini chocolate chips is all it takes to make these ghostly treats!

Floating {Cheesecloth} Ghost Easy Cheap Halloween Decoration Spray with Glow in Dark paint or add a glow stick inside for an Eerie effect

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

SpOOOoooOOOky Floating Ghost!

Halloween Ghost

How to Nest for Less™from How to Nest for Less™

Halloween Happiness: My Favorite Finds for this Fall

I do the "BOO" every year on pumpkins for outside at my & my daughter's homes but this is cute and really love the mirror ghost.


How to Make Halloween Curtains

Halloween curtain craft w/trash bags--might be able to do something similar with dollar store creepy cloth