Hot drinks have a calming effect on a person, and if you're a reader a good book is a fantastic way to wind down. So naturally hot coffee + good book = perfect de-stresser.

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love this photo from Kristen over at Dine & Dish - one of my favorites!

sometimes i can't wait to go to sleep so that i can wake up and have a cup of coffee. im not lying.

a book + coffee/tea = comfort


the 'almost' perfect sunday morning - coffee, croissant & the paper (just missing the one I love)

One for my best friend please

Rustic Tea

My husband describes the family tea times, and this is what I picture. Especially, the beautiful English tea cups.

✕ Coffee by julie marie craig, via Flickr / #coffee #morning

♔ Good morning...

love it

Shift the focus to moments: How to best reach consumers on mobile

Tea in bed.

rain & #tea


a quiet morning, a hot drink with steam, time with the Lord to keep it all in perspective