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Be sure to watch #BUNKD tonight at 8!!! You might see someone you know . Kikiwaka!!!!!

Happy #GleeDay! Watch the wonderful work of @brookeliption on tonight's episode. Hopefully our dancing has made her proud!

Another trip to #danceswithfilms! Come see #BeaconPoint tonight!

Tonight guys!! Don't miss it!! @ThisisMyko @actordougjones #TheUltimateLegacy on The Hallmark Movie Channel

thisismyko#CaptainPlanet he's our hero!

thisismykoThat awkward moment when you and your buddies all show up in the same costume. #halloweenwiththegang

thisismykoHappy Thanksgiving from Cabo you turkeys! Couldn't be more grateful for what this year has brought me and where I am right now with my wonderful lovely new wife (who I'm thankful for )! 2015

DW Griffith is from (and obviously buried in) La Grange, KY!! Here I was thinking this little town didn't know anything about filmmaking... Don't know who he is? Aka #theFatherOfFilm. Pretty much invented all the major basics of feature film making and one of the most commercially successful feature films ever: The Birth of a Nation. kinda weird... Both largely responsible for creating the film industry AND for institutionalizing racism in America with that same previously mentioned…