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Radiometric dating (often called radioactive dating) is a technique used to date materials such as rocks or carbon, usually based on a comparison between the observed abundance of a naturally occurring radioactive isotope and its decay products, using known decay rates.

QC 60 - Nuclear Fission All radioactive decay processes are explained – Alpha, Beta & Gamma decay along with the real nuclear processes that cause them and give rise to their by-products. Radio carbon dating of C14 isotopes and the fission of unstable atomic nuclei are also explained in contrast to current explanations of the processes

Radioactive isotope samarium-153, major component of the drug samarium (153Sm) lexidronam (Quadramet), which kills cancer cells. Samarium-149, is a strong neutron absorber and is added to the control rods of nuclear reactors. It is also formed as a decay product during the reactor operation and is one of the important factors considered in the reactor design and operation. Other applications of samarium include catalysis of chemical reactions, radioactive dating and an X-ray laser.

Modeling Radioactive Decay Using Dice: An Inquiry Activity

Use dice to model radioactive decay! Teach students how isotopes can be used to determine the time since an event occurred. Use data to determine the equation for radioactive decay!

GCSE Chemistry module: Atoms, Elements and Compounds By the end of this topic you will have covered: - Atoms, elements and compounds - Atomic structure - Isotopes GCSE revision videos and apps from LearnersCloud: To find out more and to start a free trial visit:

Strike and dip refer to the orientation or attitude of a geologic feature. The strike line of a bed, fault, or other planar feature, is a line representing the intersection of that feature with a horizontal plane. On a geologic map, this is represented with a short straight line segment oriented parallel to the strike line.

This is an igneous rock classification worksheet that serves as a student centered activity where students can mach the rocks images to its designated name. #rockformation #igneousrockclassification