looks easy enough...vase within a vase? Layer candies then do simple flowers in top...cute!

Halloween vases idea

With a paper towel tube in the middle...genius!!!!

Add Some Spooky Decor With Halloween Flowers - Style Estate -

Halloween centerpieces from candy

Peep Topiary

Halloween decoration


A really clever idea for a Halloween party or even a fall birthday party!

Nothing screams Halloween quite like candy corn.  I absolutely loved candy corn as a kid.  I actually still love it now but know better than to eat colorful morsels of pure sugar.  In an eff...

~ Crafts! Halloween House Pumpkin! ~

Halloween centerpiece

Individual smores using Halloween peeps say-boo


Masked pumpkins...too cute!

Pumpkin decorating

Spray paint tree branches black

Halloween decor

Halloween decorations / IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Halloween Decorations - CotCozy

mini centerpiece for party

A neat Halloween party idea.