another pinner said: I use this project when I start my multiplication unit to teach repeated addition, groups of, commutative property, and arrays. You could also replace one with a multiplication word problem and picture.

multiplication ideas

Multiplication strategies

Skip Counting (W1-W5)

Teaching Time-anchor chart connecting telling time to the quarter and half hour with fractions of a circle.

This fun multiplication art project comes from Looking From Third to Fourth! Kids construct a city of arrays! Check out her site for details and a printable.

Anchor chart: four models of multiplication.

Roll the dice and find the area. Who will win the game?

Times Tables Tricks

This bundle combines my One Step Multiplication Word Problem Worksheets Level 1 and 2 with my One Step Division Word Problem Worksheets Level 1 and 2. This bundle includes twenty four pages of multiplication word problems and 24 pages of division problems. For multiplication there are several missing factor problems. For each problem students will show the answer as groups of, an array, jumps on a number line, an equation and in a sentence. $ #MultiplicationDivisionWordProblems

Key Words in Math Word Problems -especially helpful for ELLs

Number of the Day... LOVE.

Too easy! Simple domino game for multiplication. Would work for ratios and proportions too!!!!

Great game for multiplication!!

rounding rhyme

Math anchor charts


Love this! Students write math story problems using character and setting cards. :)

Here's a nice anchor chart on different multiplication strategies.

math anchor chart

Great project….blog suggests it for the beginning of the year…but is good to use anytime for a fun review.