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      I will recommend this video from youtube it is by michael pates who increased his followers on pinterest to 20k, he discusses his full strategy how to increase pinterest followers quickly in this 14 min youtube video, so must watch I use this to try not to repin the same stuff.

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      been there. pinned that. I see so many things that I pinned being assigned to people as originally pinned, there are so so many out there! You go Pinners! #Pinterest #Pins #PinterestPins #Pinterests

    • McKenna Terry

      Imagine all the actual hobbies/talents I could explore if I didn't spend my nights pinning pictures of the things I'd like to try... So is life.

    • bri hernandez

      haaaayy i was just telling my sister the other day how i dont have very many followers here on pinterest. then i logged on right now to see i've got about 20 new followers? where did you all come from hahaha oh well enjoy your stay here at the wonderful world of Bri's Pinterest lol i'll pin a whole bunch of things and then disappear for weeks then come back lol sooo...yeah. 😊thanks for following me!

    • Woo Honeychild

      Been there. Pinned that. More Pinterest puns for fun! :) #puns #funny #words #English

    • lydia clement

      story of my life. every sentence starts with, "this thing i saw on pinterest.."

    • Kelly S

      Been there, Pinned that! #Pinterest addiction

    • Julie Tseki

      Been there pinned that on Pinterest. quote

    • Mathilde Bakbo

      Life of the Pinterest Addict

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    Ha ha - sometimes you have to laugh at our human-ness. But still - I try not to each chemicals. Ew. Plants are our best friends. (And VERY occasionally - so is cake.) ;)

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    Hey Grandma, at least cats bathe themselves, cuddle when I want to, and cover up their own poop. If they could support me, I'd marry one.


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    All you need is ... Pinterest. Of course!