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    I hope you live a life you're proud of. by F. Scott Fitzgerald (one of my fav authors!) #quotation #author #fitzgerald #book #wisdom #quote

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    live your life quotes

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    I hope you live a life you're proud of. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald #Quotes #FScottFitzgerald

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    Inspirational Quotes *F. Scott Fitzgerald*

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3.7.2015 ~I have been lucky enough to meet some people who have changed my life permanently. Funny, how I have realized after a time.<

Aching for you, while you are asleep in your own bed, far from here...

great advice for healing your broken heart after a break up or divorce www.loveandgifts....

How do I say I miss you in a way that will make your heart ache as mine does? #quotes

Inspirational quote. broken heart quote. Heart Ache. Sadness. Loneliness. Depression. Breakup.

this is the feeling i have all the time i see him flirting with other girls it hurts alot but i konw i need to let him go......

How I feel every day. It's so hard to make myself talk to people around me and fake a smile on my face when in reality I just want to lay in bed in the dark and sleep this feeling away

The Worst Feeling

I wish someone would randomly tell me little facts about myself. Not ones that I have already told them but ones they have picked up by themselves because they care enough to notice the little things I do.

I think this is very true. As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm still very much in love with my best friend. I wonder what he would say if he knew...does he still feel the same?

See, this is why I COULDNT be your "friend" again when you asked...I worked hard to get rid of those feelings, to grow stronger & to find out who I am...& I knew that if I have in, all if those feelings would come rushing back & it wouldn't have been good...NOTHING good would have come out of it...at least not for me...& as much as I cared about you, I never cared about me in the process & that's what I'm doing now. Doing what's best for me.

She buried her face in his shoulder as he held her. All that she could think was that she needed him. She needed his arms around her, needed him to hold her and whisper that they'd find a way to be together. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks - your quote is near the end of the book - page 383 of a 400 page edition (Grand Central Publishing, 2009 edition).

Depression quote: Depression is feeling like you've lost something but having no clue when or where you last had it. Then one day you realize what you lost is yourself. www.HealthyPlace.com

break up quotes ~ My ex husband told me he never tried to be a good husband and he was sorry he never gave me a chance.

I love this, but I especially love that it says "crispy corn fritters" when you click on it.

Marriage is easier said than done. You get back what you put into it. It's a good reminder to cherish and fight for mine every single day!

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Yes! That's everything I want right now! My time:) to lay the groundwork for a beautiful happy successful life and to see the world and be in love!

HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND. I wasn't in love, I just loved. Yes, I decided it, but I did it because I loved him enough to let go; I loved him enough to crack my own heart because he needed it. I hurt myself - b/c that's what love is - DOING SOMETHING NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL IT IS FOR YOURSELF, B/C THE ONE YOU LOVE NEEDS IT.

Why? Why should I miss you? Sigh. You are a part of me. I can't explain it. You would probably drive me crazy. And I would drive you crazy. And we will never get to be together. But you stole a piece of my heart. Give it back dammit.

Heart Broken Sad breakup quotes found on Instagram

I'll admit it, it is REALLY HARD to not text you everyday because id loovvee to But I want to give you a chance to text me so I know you miss me too its soooo hard tho!!

Because you're special to me, you may not realize it but you truly are. I miss you lots, not talking to you breaks my heart into a million little pieces.. I just wish things could be okay again. Love you loads.♡