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    StereoTypes - Are You A Hipster?

    chivalrous men are the best men.

    The Story Behind "Happy" by Pharrell Williams - The Edge

    StereoTypes London - Hipsters vs. Chavs: Are you a "hipster" or a "CHAV?" StereoTypes host Ryan Hall goes to London to talk style with the Brits, who all think Ryan is a "gay hipster" based on the way he dresses.

    StereoTypes host Ryan Hall travels to London to talk about race, class, and American stereotypes. Subscribe to i am OTHER on YouTube to stay updated on our releases: Videos, news and more: Like us on Facebook:

    StereoTypes host Ryan Hall asks Londoners about interracial dating, American vs. British hip hop and pop music, and more.

    HBTV: Dissecting Creativity with Pharrell Williams Part 1 by HBTV

    T-world: New York by T-world. Out now worldwide.

    1987 Wonder Woman Bookmark ~ Printed as part of a DC-backed literacy campaign

    StereoTypes - No Homo

    StereoTypes Paris - Do the French Get a Bad Rap? : Why are the French sometimes construed as being rude, arrogant, unclean, and anti-American? StereoTypes host Ryan Hall walks the streets of Paris to get opinions about prejudices French people face.

    Love this shit. Ryan Hall is dope. Stereotypes

    StereoTypes - Songs You Live and Die By: What's the ONE song you turn to to get your "fix"? Ryan Hall shuffles the minds of New Yorkers for the tune that's always in their mix.

    StereoTypes - Get Rich Quick: What would you do to "make it big?" Play the lottery? Invent something? Follow your dreams? Ryan Hall takes it to the streets to find out people's "schemes."

    StereoTypes - What Color is Your Music?: Do you consider "black music" to be R and rap, and "white music" to be rock and opera? Think again.

    StereoTypes Paris - French African vs. African American? : What's it like to be a black person in France? What's the immigrant experience for people of African descent? StereoTypes host Ryan Hall hits the streets of Paris to find out.

    BELLE follows the story of Dido Elizebeth Belle, biracial daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay and an enslaved woman named Maria Belle. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield and his wife, Belle's lineage affords her certain privileges, yet the color of her skin prevents her from fully participating in the traditions of her social standing. // dir. by Amma Asante, 2014.

    Somebody PLEASE bring this show back... or bootleg the hell out of it on Youtube... Hey Monie #1 Monie Gets A Makeover

    @IssaRae Presents: "I Hate L.A. Dudes" - Minisode #1

    These 2 need their own show, and the reporter can host! LOL Ben Aaron NBC talks to old friends. Very old