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    tips for photographing guys. senior pictures for guys

    Guys - You want to show them exactly what to do – they need the same amount, if not more direction than girls.

    Senior Photography Ideas For Boys | When posing guys, you don’t need to focus as much on finding ...

    Guys - As with girls – all limbs need to be accounted for.  Watch to make sure hands and shoulders look relaxed.  If their hands are relaxed, they probably won’t look feminine, if they do look slightly feminine, try putting their hands in a loose fist. Usually guys can’t pull off having their hands on their hip like a girl can – a simple remedy is to put one or both hands in their pocket(s)

    Senior Photography: 7 Easy Tips to Posing Guys - this list is great! I may have already pinned it, but super helpful. Her tips for posing women are fantastic as well

    Guys - They can also have their chin raised or have it down with their eyes narrowed and looking into the camera.

    Oh, just got myself another senior picture pose/idea. But I am going to add Drew's graduation year on the baseball. :-)

    doing a photo shoot today w/ my nephew and his guitar - I love this shot!

    Senior Picture Posing Ideas | awesome photos. senior pose ideas.

    Senior picture pose idea. Bleacher area with mountain view in background?? or at sunset....