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My baby's all grown up now, but this is still a great idea. Think I'd use Viva, instead of Bounty, much softer and still strong.

Great for babies with allergies to wipes..I am gonna save in case I need to do this..

Make your own baby wipes. These are better than the store bought! All natural, free of harmful chemicals, soothing, and CHEAPER!

these are make yourself flannel cloths that fit into a baby wipe dispenser and can be used for cleaning....very green idea. Not sure it is worth the trouble...I should note that these were designed to be used as baby wipes. That is clearly not my intention with pinning this. I just thought it would be a good, green way to do the daily bathroom sink wipe down....

How to make and use cloth wipes - I'm thinking some of the extra receiving blankets I received would work well for this?

Want to make a stack of these to use with my mamas. Seems so wasteful to use paper towels to clean off the aloe vera that I use to listen to their little ones with the doppler.

How to Make Your Own Cloth Wipes - whether you cloth diaper or use disposables, these are great (and safe) to have on hand for babies & kids.

Cloth wipes, Cloth wipes are easy to just throw in the wash with your diapers and they are softer and more gentle for yoru baby too.

Cloth Baby Wipes and Homemade Wipe Solution