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wrap canned pizza dough, or croissants around a string cheese and pepperonis. Wrap up in foil and cook on coals for 20 min, turning often. Dip into pizza sauce. Yum!

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Hobo Breadsticks - Fun and Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids

Campfire Hobo Breadsticks - Fun and Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids. They will love these - espcially with cinnamon sugar coating or jelly filling

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Woof'em: A Campfire Treat

woof-em filling -Cooking refrigerated Biscuits over the fire on Woof Sticks! Very Cool special treats.

Campfire Nachos - use a cast iron skillet to heat nachos topped with refried beans, corn, cheese, whatever! Cover with foil & heat until cheese is melted. Nice change of pace for campfire food!

put baccon and cheese in it too... Campfire Pigs in a Blanket. Wrap a thin layer of crescent roll dough around a hot dog, put on a stick, cook over a fire.

Campfire cake cooked in campfire. Fill up orange a little over half way with a cake mix put the top of the orange (lid) back on, wrap in foil, and set in coals for about 20 min!

Brownie Oranges – Campfire Dessert Treats - A cool alternative to making s'mores 3 nights in a row and the impracticality of bringing a birthday cake for a long stay.