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    • Donna Thomas

      Deadly Beauty – Poisonous Mushroom –

    • ༺♥ Mitzi ♥༻

      Fungi | The "Destroying Angel" (Amanita bisporigera), is as deadly as it is beautiful.

    • Mollie's swamp

      The "Destroying Angel" (Amanita virosa), is as deadly as it is beautiful. What a poetic name for something so noxious. Pardon the pun, but it is much better to have loose morels. Here's a fascinating account of someone who survived Amanita poisoning: Scary. -- Heh, a good pin #666 ;)

    • Henry W. Powell

      White - The "Destroying Angel" {Amanita bisporigera}, is as deadly as it is beautiful

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    I didn't know this was a real mushroom. Always thought it was just whimsical imagination....

    I used to love to draw mushrooms.

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