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Fungus amungus

Appreciating what we have: Being in nature is extremely therapeutic and restorative. If you are trapped in the office or live in a big city, simply looking at pictures of beautiful scenery can improve mood, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Contaminated Water, Land Damage, and Earthquakes: The Legacy of Waste Injection Wells

Protect our planet

Defend Our Coast ... Media round up – the story unfolds and is told everywhere. We’re here for much bigger reasons than one pipeline. We’re here because the Canadian tar sands are the most destructive industrial project on earth & will be “game over for the climate” according to NASA’s Jim Hansen. We are here because we’re tired of being bullied by Big Oil. And we’re pushing back on the anti-environment, anti-democratic, dissent-crushing actions of Canada’s federal Conservative government.

Dirty Money: The Finance and Fossil Fuel Web


Dangers of fracking : The most common chemical used for hydraulic fracturing in the United States in 2005–2009 was methanol, while some other most widely used chemicals were isopropyl alcohol, 2-butoxyethanol, and ethylene glycol. Fracking Problems Infograph

Greedy Lying Bastards - disinformation - Pre-order DVD GREEDY LYING BASTARDS investigates the reason behind stalled efforts to tackle climate change despite consensus in the scientific community that it is not only a reality but also a growing problem that is placing us on the brink of disaster.

Nature of Things - Autism Enigma

If you don't try, you won't get!

Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth narrated by Josha Jackson born in Canada.

Hydraulic Fracturing Faces Growing Competition for Water Supplies in Water-Stressed Regions

What do we want? No more fracking. When do we want it? Now. Dosta uništavanja Majke Zemlje. Odmah.


Hydraulic fracturing is a process used in most oil and gas wells in the U.S. Water, sand and small amounts of chemicals are pumped underground to brea

For every repin @One Hundred Apparel will donate 50 cents to help people get clean water!

"Let's Make Money"

NATURE "Magic of the Snowy Owl" | Preview | PBS

Director Tom Shadyac speaks with intellectual and spiritual leaders about what's wrong with our world and how we can improve both it and the way we live in it.