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Drawing for Kids - Encourage Creativity, Skills & Confidence

15 Questions to Spark Creative Thought

Vincent van Gogh for Kids

Creating Movement Exercise: van Gogh techniques for kids. Students will learn how to color or paint and make it look like there is movement within the picture.


Summer-time (or any time off from school) can turn into lazy-time if we aren’t careful (by “we”… I mean the parents). It can be easy for us, as parents, to just let our kids lounge around and hop online or turn on the TV when they are bored, but my husband and I really try to keep a limit on those things. That is where our home rules come into play.

A Simple Random Act of Kindness: Teaching Children To Think Of Others

WNCParent August 2011

WNCParent August 2011. Excellent points I already know but put in a way that maybe parents will understand and appreciate on back to school night.

Bring Art Into Your Life in 2014: Top Five Tips

I love art. I love to draw, I love observing art, I just love and appreciate everything about it. Almost everything on Earth can have some artistic value. There are also many interpretations as to what art is. Without art, our world would be so boring!