Organized medicine cabinet using Stick On Pods... I like

put your medicine cabinet to work! This could work with any bathroom cabinet door if you don't have a medicine cabinet (like me)

Bathroom Storage Behind Mirror. Create a bathroom storage case behind the mirror to hold all the goodies you need.

Life Hacks For Living Large In Small Spaces

DIY Bathroom mirror storage case that holds everything. Plus I can have a full sized mirror in my RV Repurposed DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

Sort your medicines and first aid supplies into easy-to-find labeled containers…

Sort your medicines and first aid supplies into easy-to-find labeled containers.

Kitchen/Bathroom Hanging Storage Bag

Kitchen/Bathroom Hanging Storage Bag

Where you looking for a bit of extra storage room? This Kitchen/Bathroom Hanging Storage Bag is light, fold-able, handy and comes in three adorable colors. Hurry up and get it while supplies last!

solution for under the bathroom sink! This is one of my biggest problems!

11 Fantastic Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Declutter your bathroom vanity so you have clean countertops and can easily find everything you need! See how to fold and store towels, declutter your makeup drawer, store your bathroom cleaning supplies and clean up your medicine cabinet.

Do This, Not That: Vanity Storage

Do organize items below the sink in stackable bins that can fit around existing plumbing pipes. Label bins for soap, cleaning wipes, first aid essentials, and grooming products for each person who shares the bath.

Frame to hold nail polish

Cool idea, WAY too many nail polishes - - Nail polish display. This is pretty good, because it looks cool and I have a lot of nail polish.

DIY - line your medicine cabinet with precut galvanized steel, use magnetic storage containers to maximize space.

Winter Organizing Tips

To maximize space in a traditional medicine cabinet, line the inside back of the cabinet and door with sheet metal, then use magnetic containers and hooks to hold supplies. Great way to get rid of "loose" items floating around your medicine cabinet!

I swear, these Ikea spice racks are good for everything. I still have a few unfinished in the garage waiting to be made into polish holders! @ Interior Design Ideas

DIY nail polish storage using IKEA spice rack Would definitely like this for my future nailpolish collection haha LOVE! DIY nail polish storage using IKEA spice rack Would definitely…

DIY Bathroom Organization Cabinet with full length mirror. by Emma Hall2103

Would be great inbetween two studs in the right location. Adds full length mirror and tons of bathroom item storage. DIY Bathroom Organization Cabinet with full length mirror…. LOVE THIS IDEA!