Chris Buzelli -

Santa Muerte by Charlie Immer

Chris Buzelli

The Evolution of Fairy Tales by Chris Buzelli


Artist, Naoto Hattori

Chris Buzelli - Harbinger


#krampustreetopper. Behold the evil glory of the Baphomet, Krampus and Cthulhu tree toppers! | Dangerous Minds

The Krampus.

I don't even know what to say. This image just grabbed me and I can't look away. I thought face, then skeleton head, then I saw all the objects that make up the body.. This is just puzzling and awesome. Steampunk art by Santiago Caruso

Honey Bear by Chris Buzelli

Contessa with Squid, oil on panel, 18x24, sold | 2011 by Omar Rayyan

By Chris Buzelli

Martin Wittfooth-- amazing surrealist Winter Sinking Strokes: To grow flower


Mark Ryden- My mum gave me this beautiful print framed when I had my bub:)

By Chris Buzelli

Krampus The Christmas Devil Knit Cardigan

Chris Buzelli.