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    3y Saved to Eyedrops
    • J SSSSci

      Robert Downey Jr. 1965 Hollywood's highest-paid actor for the second year in a row. The Iron Man star's latest film is Iron Man 3.

    • Letina Kelly

      If Friday Had a Face, It Would Be Robert Downey Jr. I admire him so much for fighting his way out of drug addiction and for having such a great career!

    • Elaine Sieberg

      If Friday had a face, this would be it. It's a nice face. A happy face. I like this face. It's a Robert Downey Jr. face.

    • Brittany Knutsen

      If Friday had a face, it'd be the face of the amazingly talented and handsome Robert Downey Jr.

    • Aubrie Seinwill

      If Friday Had A Face ... Iron Man

    • Tania Lozano

      If friday had a face = RDJ :)

    • Dharma

      Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man

    • Kirstie Ellen


    • Suzi Butcher

      "I think most people’s primary problem is that they literally forget to keep doing the thing they wanted to do. “Dammit,” they think, “I wanted to write today. I forgot. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day.” And then they forget tomorrow and they day after, and it’s all shot to hell until next New Year’s. " - List the 5 most important things you can do to improve your day. Then, place them in order of difficulty, starting with the hardest. Next, set your alarm right now at one hour earlier than you’re used to waking up, and begin tomorrow morning with the hardest task you have. - The goal is not to succeed. It is just to sit and do it. - My failure is inconsequential and silent, so I can fail over and over again in my little cave while no one is watching, and then as I get better, I can get more public about my efforts and do better. - Realize that there are no consequences - The more you leap into the unknown, the more you discover that the unexpected is rarely something you need to actually worry about. You ease into surprises and learn to deal with them as they come instead of reflexively avoiding them. - Write down the worst case scenario. Recognize that pain evaporates quickly. Deal with discomfort as it comes; don’t predict it. Find several daily practice that makes you uncomfortable. Start with ten minutes and do it right after your biggest task of the day . - Stay in over your head at all times. Have regular meetings with people way above your level. Expose yourself to ideas you don’t understand. - Normal people become extraordinary through changing their behaviour alone. Then, after behaviour changes, the mind usually changes with it, leading to more confidence, which expands your reach even further, etc, all in a giant cycle. Most people feel as if they are doing it, but they often are not. What they really need to be doing is stop listening to themselves as if they knew what was best for them. The reality is, they don’t. Only when you recognize this can you make change happen. - It simply does not matter where you go. - Remember, you’re not looking to be perfect. You’re only looking for a small improvement over your current state, and as long as you’re ok with fumbling on your way there, you should just start moving immediately and deal with the decisions as they come.

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