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synonym flowers (classroom). This gives me an idea for Library: they could be "Searchbword" flowers... With the subject in the center and hen all the different phrases/words you could use in searching for the subject written on the paint-chip petals...

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8 writing ideas from Pinterest

Synonym Garden; can be done with other items as well. Great Kagan activity: write one and pass it : )

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Minibooks for Reference

Grammar flip chart! Great idea for kids to reference to throughout the year!

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Hands-on Poetry Projects

Synonyms-Work in partners with a thesaurus

give paint swatches to students to use as bookmarks. when they complete a book, they get a color hole-punched. use as a goal setter: aim to read that many books per month, get a reward when it's filled up, etc.

Synonym Rolls~ The common word goes in the middle, and students write 10-12 synonyms along the swirly lines. Color it in lightly with cinnamon and glaze colors and you have a yummy display.