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Teaching Ideas - PE warm-ups and cooldowns Lots of games to make warm-ups fun; geared at specific age ranges

This teacher has got student documentations down to a science! Great RTI resource!

These are great ideas for rewards for good student behavior. Sometimes you cannot give out food/candy as rewards. These ideas offer great alternative awards that students would really love and work toward! 7090

A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

teaching kindness- especially like the kids' self portraits, or just add their pictures.

GREAT IDEA! match the solfege to the staff!

calm down box

P.E. Warmup - Hamster Dance (Elementary PE Exercise routine) {fav}

Grouping strategies at your fingertips! Free download!

Ideas for Teaching Contractions

Rhythm Candies: In this activity, the kids sort their Halloween candies into bags by matching the word sounds to the rhythms on the bags.

G.Y.M. Cooperative Game: "Down The Line" - YouTube

Word of the day...made for esl

AMAZING! hundreds of teaching powerpoints and games

Music Study

Warm Up and Cool Down Ideas for Phys Ed

Classroom timeline- love this idea!:)