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Become a dolphin, anywhere that a jet ski is allowed. Submersible and able to jump out of the water. This looks so much fun.

Seabreacher X-Model Submersible Watercraft, Futuristic Vehicle, Dolphin (VIDEO) [Underwater:]


Seabreacher Shark X Water Jet

Seabreacher X Water Jet. A submersible jet ski with a 1500cc engine that looks like a shark. Seriously.

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Luxury snowmobile

32 Fascinating Photos From Our Fascinating World. ...Snow Crawler is the Lamborghini of snowmobiles.

The Seabreacher - part jet ski, part submarine, part dolphin

Skate safe far above the water's surface.

Air-Elf, futuristic, Concept, Future Air-Car, vehicle, flyingcar, Yinze Hu, fantastic, sci-fi, transportation, aircraft, airplane

A Black Hornet nano helicopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).