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    • Lori

      This is so very true. Don't allow ANYTHING in your life to be the cause of you not being the best parent to your children that you could have been. As parents, all of our decisions, good or bad, ultimately affect our children. Love your children unconditionally and be a part of their lives TODAY!

    • Janet Martinez

      Love and cherish your kids every chance you get not just when it serves your purpose because there are parents everywhere who would give anything to hold their child just one more time...... ☮k☮ #quotes

    • Heather Bensch

      #Parenting Quote #children's #memories #lives If you love this saying, repin it and follow me for more!

    • Renee Edwards

      Some parents put their kids second in their life. Not me my kid always comes first. I spend my days with her and I enjoy spending quality time with her.

    • Alison LoPresti

      Truth! I have some "friends" in my life that never do anything with their children!

    • Madison Steele

      Thats okay that you spend more time with girlfriend then your kids. Just when I wanted to start spending time with you Dusty was there . That's fine I'm moving on without you . You have missed your opportunity to get to know your kids. Its sad you dont know the first thing about me . I dont really know anything about you . To me a good dad would want to get to know their kids then get a partner especially since their kids are about grown. But you only have time for her all the time. That's fine at least I have one parent that cares about whats going on in my life .

    • DealDash

      #children #parents #quote #saying

    • Michelle Lewis

      Parenting Quotes and so true

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    Be there: The reality is we CANNOT make up for lost time. They are only children once. We can try to make it up to them later. But if we don't spend time with them now, we will regret it.



    Thank you to all that have the heart and take the time to volunteer!

    How true!

    So true.

    True love is now.

    #Volunteers do not necessarily have the #time they have the #heart

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    .live. love. give.



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    so true.

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