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" Wood pile! Alistair Heseltine is a Canadian artist and weaver here is his wonderful log pile installation.

Choi + Shine Architects - The Land of Giants "This design transforms mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape. Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed...

If I wasn’t already totally smitten with Iceland, looking at those awesome human-like and reindeer-like electric poles would surely seal the deal! This cool company flawlessly transformed regular and boring electrical pylons into creative parts of the Icelandic landscape. Even an Italian newspaper called Iceland the land of giants, that is a poem for the eyes! Crikey, road trips would be so much more fun if we had those dudes standing around, don’t you think

Fake Pool by Leandro Erlich - The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan