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  • Sofy Mendoza

    BARREL TABLES! Home Depot has 18" whiskey barrels for $30 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20" glass table toppers for $8.99. This is a great idea for DIY outdoor tables (#barnweddings, #rusticweddings)

  • Eva Goings

    Winebarrel glasstop tables! TABLES :: Home Depot has 18″ whiskey barrels for $30 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20″ glass table toppers for $8.99. This is a great idea for DIY outdoor tables…for only $38.99 each! @ House Remodel Ideas

  • Heather Crews

    Living room end tables. DIY Tables: Home Depot has 18" whiskey barrels for 30 bucks & Bed Bath & Beyond (& Joanne, etc) has 20" glass table toppers for 9 bucks. This is a great idea for DIY outdoor tables!

  • Megan Sinclair

    DIY Wine Barrel Tables: Home Depot has 18″ whiskey barrels for 30.00 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20″ glass table toppers for 8.99. This is a great idea for DIY outdoor tables…for only 38.99 each! @ Home Improvement Ideas

  • Courtney

    Barrel tables for the patio or coffe table . Home Depot has whiskey barrels. You can even change out the decor inside the barrell to fit the seasons.

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