paper sculpture project for kindergarten

geometric shape paper sculpture

The Elementary Art Room! exploding dots paper sculptures

Paper Relief Sculptures were created with just one piece of 9X12 white paper! Students discussed lines and how to make a line three-dimensional,

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Elementary Art Lessons sculpture lesson recycled paper 3D abstract Art Actually: paper sculptures

kindergarten 3D colored paper art *****Evelyn this person has TONS of great Elementary Art...Awesome Ideas I started to follow her and I'm going crazy looking through her boards haha :)

Indian Rugs

Picasso monsters

art actually: paper sculptures by kindergarten and first graders! Fantastic!

Visual Whistling - Kindergarten Art Project - Technology. Add vocal exploration to the mix!

The Elementary Art Room!: Dr. Seuss Creations: Tizzled Topped Tufted Mazurkas

picasso face project for little ones

Me and My Shadow art project - self portrait, cut out with black paper shadow

African Kanga Compositions

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Three dimensional Mirò

Teaching Kindergarten how to draw a self portrait

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