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Here Comes the Bride! How to Detox Your Way to the Altar (Healthfully)

by Michele Foley
Many brides want to look their best on the big day and may even go to extreme measures to do so. Before you shell out major bucks on a juice cleanse or put yourself on a deprivation diet, follow these tips and tricks on detoxing naturally before the
  • Elizabeth Williams

    Wedding Detox Diet - tips for month/weeks before the wedding. I'm not the bride but I still have to fit in a dress!

  • Cait Cool

    "Wedding Detox Diet - tips for month/weeks before the wedding" I decided to scroll through the fitness section until something filled me with an appropriate level of rage. I think my favorite thing about this, besides the fact that it's encouraging you to lose water weight to meet unrealistic expectations on your "big day" is the implication that your wedding dress won't fit right. Because as everyone knows, having the most expensive article of clothing EVER not fit is AWESOME.

  • Clemens Hane

    Wedding Detox #healthy eating #health tips|

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