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    • Lisa Thurston

      Exactly - how hard is it to take 3 seconds out of your day to say "I love you" sometimes it's the only thing a girl really needs. It's not hard!!!

    • Shannon McCarthy

      I love saying "I love you". Plus you never know if you're the only one that's said it to someone that day.

    • Evan Gilstrap

      * I love you and with so many unknowns in life it's great to have a few things you're totally sure of... Such as you loving me too. I'm sure of at least two things

    • Sarah Knight

      Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. Say "I love you."

    • Elieth Gutierrez

      Live in the moment... Say i love you.

    • MusikIsMyWorld

      I love You!! #quotes #followme

    • Ace Aces

      I'm trying so hard and after a couple of drinks I got quite pissed and it seemed to help not make it go away but help. I love you and yes I will wait till forever to be with you, I dont want to but I will if I have to, I miss you and need you. The sex thing did hurt me and it always will, I didn't expect you to do it that soon. I understand it kind of but man did does it hurt. The first night he came, the first night we were apart. But I can get over that, and that proves to me that I I still want to be with you. It still fucking hurts but I love you, you know. Your not being honest with me you need to decide for final if you want to be with me. I understand it's scary the thought of not being with him but you can't string him along. Do you want to be with me? I know that in my heart and in my head I want to be with you. To be honest I can't face a life without you. Please try to understand that being with me would be better and worth any pain that you have to go through and I believe this because this is the way I feel about you. If you want to be with your husband then you need to tell me because I need to make decisions weather or not I'm going to kill myself or leave illusions. I know you don't quite know yet, but If you don't love him, then what's stopping you? You don't owe him anything. My love for you is stronger than my love for life please help me angel. Xxx G Again I'm here crying myself to sleep I wish you could be here and help.

    • MK

      truth to live by.

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