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Calculus - engineers saying a hearty F-U.

I followed this I might be ablento pass calculus after all! Lol

For Sophie. Cause she is a Math nerd.

Love it! (Buzzfeed.com)

Drunk People Can’t Math

wonder how that bank teller felt.

the memo makes the whole thing. Notice it is for a verizon bill. Who would want to piss of verizon?

Math Humor.  Girls aren't evil, but this is funny anyway.

mathematical proof that girls=evil

too bad i'm sure he still had to write another check to them anyway.  cuz no one at the bank could figure it out either lol.

Calculus As a math major, I will pay my bills like this

This should be on every engineering classroom door

Same thing for pre-meds. If you can't make it through your undergrad classes without cheating, chances are you won't make it through med school. just sayin.

Not laugh out loud funny but definitely clever.

The United States of Prime

One nation indivisible 53 states

What's 2 plus 2? Each occupation and profession will have a different answer. A funny gift for an engineer, mathematician, physicist, logician, social worker, attorney, lawyer, trader, or accountant.

2 plus 2 Large Mug

This illustrates the various points of view as well as jargon in between upper-level careers, engineering being the simplest and most logical.

Be stared by *doubleWbrothers on deviantART

the stare master


Math, Stahp - The best funny pictures

Checking math comprehension. #Functions, #Calculus, #Math, #ClassHook

My calculus teacher taught us limits with this on one of his powerpoints!

You are sec C

25 Jokes Only Math Geeks Will Understand 😭😭😭😭

funny math joke

Funny math joke poster

funny math joke poster created by jimbuf.

I Know But It Was Math. Math Jokes Never Work...

fuckyeahdementia: “ oh math jokes, you’re so funny ”

every math test ever.

Funny pictures about Every Math Test. Oh, and cool pics about Every Math Test. Also, Every Math Test photos.