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  • Suz Q

    Crochet shorts for men... people amaze me.---haahaa...reminds me of the jeans shorts conversation a while back!! lol

  • Amy Druga

    DIY gifts from Grandma...ok i'm crying laughing outloud!!

  • Lori Hess

    Christmas present for my hubby? Ha! These are too funny.

  • Terrie Galle

    There's nothing like crocheted shorts. I can't decide wether to pin this to my knitting board or my 'laugh 'til it hurts board'....hmmmm

  • Gun Penhoat

    Just because you can knit it doesn't mean you should... Or ... let me rephrase that ... keep knitting and leave the crochet hook alone :0)

  • Amanda Punchard

    Crocheted shorts. Ooh, what board to pin, craft or funnies? Just because you CAN...doesn't mean you SHOULD.

  • Natalie Nygaard

    Crochet shorts @Christine Gerber I think that Goob would appreciate me presenting these to you as a Christmas Gift option;-)

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