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baby in a basket, photo idea!

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Baby Fever


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monthly picture idea!





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baby photography - so adorable.

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All the tiny parts you never want to forget :). Love the layout

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Dj Baby

So original :-) Love it !



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6 month baby picture idea

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snowman baby for Christmas

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Coisas da Myfrom Coisas da My

Acompanhamento do crescimento do bebê

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The first 12 months. Cute scrapbook page.

Mamabeefrom Mamabee

30 Absolutely Cute Babies And Their First Christmas Photo

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Maternity and Baby Christmas/Winter photo ideas. June bug will be about 3 months this Christmas!!

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Family Pictures With Baby And Toddler

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SO many cute photo ideas for babys/toddlers and tells you what props to use. ( )

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When we have a munchkin

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Cute idea for a baby photo!

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Medford Oregon

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Oregon Baby


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6 month baby picture ideas perfect picture for Ada bc she will be 6 months on valentines day

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This site has great baby photo ideas :)... one day

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7 Month Old Baby Photo Inspiration - Stuffed Animals and Favorite Toys

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adorable announcement picture!

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Regardless of how many times I've seen this done, I still really like the pose.

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clothesline of month onesies -great baby photo idea