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Funny pictures about Quidditch problems. Oh, and cool pics about Quidditch problems. Also, Quidditch problems.

She really needs to get her priorities straight.

"She needs to sort out her priorities" -Ron Weasley.I'm sorry Twilight fans, but I had to laugh.

Harry Potter humor.. gotta love it :) Especially with the original, good Dumbledore! RIP! :'(

gotta love it, xxx Especially with the original Dumbledore, the incredible Richard Harris, xxx RIP, xxx


Funny pictures about Super Sirius. Oh, and cool pics about Super Sirius. Also, Super Sirius.

when I am a math teacher, this will be one of the trick bonus questions like when Mr. Dodd used to hide "put a star on the top right corner for 3 points" in the periodic table's fine print =)

If I were this student's math teacher . they would have gotten an extra credit point for that, LOL

Wedding inspired by Harry Potter

12 mejores cosas Inspirado en harry potter.

A Harry Potter themed wedding idea. Instead of place cards, have the guests pick up their wands. Attached is a note from the Sorting Hat that will sort them to their table. for Hannah

Hahahahhah, Mean Girls quotes + HP pictures = the best.

Mean Girls/Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy and Gretchen Wieners are the same. And none for Draco Malfoy, bye!