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Crow Art & Greeting Card Of Original Ink and Acrylic Painting With Matching Brown raven Recycled Envelope bird drawing

Go where the Mother's blanket heals you, where she  gives you new dreams ..if you learn to live in these places, you will live through these times...this is the time to relearn how to live with the Earth. It is a time to honor Spirit. to listen to the Mother, to reawaken our emotional awareness so we can communicate with the higher octaves of reality, upon this sacred egg we call...Earth.- Last Cry, Native American Prophecies

Image from, Native Americans Tradition and belief. Shared from fb.

Diane Kleiss | The Family Tree | sculpted encaustic on panel, 34"x12"x3" /sm

Diane Kleiss sculpted encaustic, crow stack, totem, black and orange

Акварельные питомцы Endre Penovac - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

Watercolor pets by Endre Penovac // Акварельные питомцы Endre Penovac - Ярмарка…

Crows Ravens: #Ravens Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory).

LOVE this version of Huginn and Muninn! "In Norse Mythology, Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory” or “mind”) are a pair of ravens that fly all over Midgard and bring the god Odin information.

Magical Raven will never tell what he wished. Raven makes a huge sound unlike any other feathered creature. His call grabs your attention and he may be telling you that change is coming. Depending on how you hold this change, it will be welcome or you will suffer. Remember suffering is always optional. Have no fear.

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