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Helpful Tips for Everyday Success

Life isn’t always easy, and it’s been a lot harder. Otherwise we wouldn’t have so many nifty inventions for gadgets to simplify our lives. I know I couldn’t live without my immersion stick blender. I can’t imagine the time it would take to make soap without it! Still, between work and family and jus...
  • Billi Thomas

    Household Organization Ideas

  • GI_Jane03

    Lots of helpful tips: Butterfly clips for cords, Mason jars and old salt spouts for dispensing or broken blender, water dispensing with a dustpan, cereal container for a car trash can!

  • Bets

    Helpful hints: 1.) Mason Jar as a Blender Jar; 2.) Pegboard Organization; 3.) Freezer Meals; 4.) Cord Organization Tips; 5.) Makeup Brush Storage; 6.) Re-use Pour Spouts; 7.) Water Dispenser; 8.) Car Trash Receptacle

  • Linda Wiener

    Helpful Tips for Everyday Success. "Between work and family and just living, anything we can do to make things simpler and save time are always helpful. Here are a few tips I've compiled to make your day of household chores and organizing easier." Rebecca from Soap Deli News

  • Pam Cox

    Rebecca's Soap Deli News -- lots of household tips & helps

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I absolutely love this as a young, working woman! Anyone could use it, but it's certainly helpful to me now.

Neat tips and tricks! Definitely going to start using these!

Make organization easy and simplify your life with this collection of tips, hints, ideas and products that quickly solve clutter problems in kitchens, offices, laundry rooms, shops and more. Find the other 8 easy organization tips at www.familyhandyma...

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Google like a boss.Everybody knows how to Google, but not everyone knows how to be a true genius of it.

thank god i know what to do next time i'm being buried alive! Brilliant ;) Life, yo! - Imgur

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