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    Pound Puppies


    pound puppiea.d. I'm pretty sure I had this one!

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    I had this exact one!

    Pound Puppies!

    Pound Puppy....i loved them

    Pound puppies and Pound Kitties

    Pound Puppies #nostalgia #1980s #toys Awww i had this with the puppies, santa pressie, box said handle with care my mam brought it back to shop not opening it, and inside was this haha, marketing did not think it through.....

    1970 The Poky Little Puppy ~ A Little Golden Book......this was one of my favorites even in the 80's/early 90's!

    Puppy Surprise

    Pound Puppies

    Battery Operated Barking Puppy

    it was time for mom to pick you and your friends up from the mall, this is where we called from.

    Did you know that the loveable plush pals "Pound Puppies" by Russ are making a come back and ready to be adopted. And now they can be registered...

    oh how i loved my glo worm when i was little one

    Pound Puppies.

    pound puppies

    Loved these!

    awesome - snoopy snow cone maker #memories #80s #toys , I also wanted to show you a solution that worked for me! I saw this new weight loss product on CNN and I have lost 26 pounds so far. Check it out here

    Pound Purries. If you had all of the Pound Puppies o'course you had to get some Pound Purries. All of my PP's are in my Moms garage packed away. Such happy memories that I can't let'em go. Thanks Mom!

    Pound Puppies

    Pound puppies